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Rustic Acid Proof Grey Color Backsplash Floor Tile
- Oct 25, 2017 -
A good product makes a crisp sound with a hand tapping, that is, the use of hard objects to draw a brick glaze, will not leave traces, and the same batch of brick color difference is very small, shiny texture is also very consistent, so that it is more suitable for large area overall paving, to create a harmonious atmosphere aesthetic effect. After the quality clearance, color, pattern, specifications, style of choice to see the owner's preferences. Antique bricks are generally durable, will accompany the family for a long time, only pleasing masterpieces can withstand the pop test. Antique bricks are generally classified by the type of civilization, a total of romantic Europe, primitive Africa, mysterious Egypt, ancient India amorous feelings, elegant China, ancient Babylon Kingdom, such as the seven series, more popular is romantic Europe and elegant Chinese series of antique bricks.